General secretary

The general secretariat is in charge of the followings :

 - Ensure the management of staff carriers by respecting attribution of the concerned faculty or institute:
- Prepare the budget project of the university and follow up its carrying out,
- Ensure the following up of the financing of laboratories and research units activities,
- Supervise the proper functioning of common services of university,
- Implement and promote programs of cultural and sports activities of universities,
- Ensure the following up and the coordination of internal security plans of university in relation with the ministerial office of internal security,

- Ensure the management and preservation of archives and documentation of the Rectory,
- Ensure functioning and management of a registry office of the university.

The general secretariat is composed of the following branches:

  Direction of staff and training

Direction of budget and accounting

Branch of resources and maintenance,

Direction of scientific, cultural and sports activities.




General secretary : Mr Saba Abderrezak

Phone number/fax: +213 34 50 23 23
Email: sg(a)