Research Laboratories

With the release of the first post-graduation promotions, we have witnessed the formation and the emergence of research teams around various axes and themes, we can quote in particular:

Health and Biotechnology

Basic and applied science

Raw Materials, Technology and Energy

Economy, Law and Society

Architecture and urban planning

New Strategy for the Evaluation of Research Laboratories

As regards the material resources and scientific infrastructures which form the basis for this research training, laboratories with important scientific equipment that have been made available to these research teams, such as:

♦ Faculty of natural and life sciences:

Geological Engineering Laboratory

Molecular Toxicology Laboratory

Molecular and cell biology laboratory

Biotechnology, Environment and Health Laboratory

♦ Faculty of exact science and informatics:

Laboratory of Pharmacology and Phytochemistry

Laboratory for the Study of Materials

Laboratory of Theoretical Physics

Pure and Applied Mathematics Laboratories

Radiation Physics Laboratories and Applications

Mathematical Laboratories and Applications of Mathematics

Condensed Matter Physics and Nanomaterials Laboratories

Materials Laboratories: Elaborations – Properties - Applications

♦ Faculty of sciences and technology:

Laboratory for the Study of Materials-Environment Interactions

Laboratory for Non-destructive Ultrasonic Testing

Laboratory of Frame Built and Environment

Automatic Laboratory of Jijel

Laboratory Electrical engineering and industrial electronics

Applied Energy and Materials Laboratory

Laboratory for Renewable Energies

Mechatronic Laboratory

Laboratory Civil Engineering and Environment

♦ Faculty of law and political sciences:

Laboratory Banking and Financial Law

Laboratory for the Protection and Promotion of the Family and the Rights of Women and Children

♦ Faculty of letters and languages:

Language Laboratory and Speech Analysis

Laboratory Sociolinguistics, Socio-didactics and Socio-literature

♦ Faculty of economics, commerce and management sciences:

Research Laboratory on the Economics of Organisations and Sustainable Development

♦ Faculty of Human and Social Sciences:

Laboratory of Psychology and Education and Problems of Society