University background

The university of Jijel went through various stages of restructuring,in 1986, an annex attached to the university of Constantine was founded in accordance with the decision N 72 of Mrch 21st, 1986 of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

By the executive decree N 62/88 of March 22nd, 1988, the annex was convertred to Superior teacher's training college, having for main mission training in fundamental sciences

In 1993, with the continuous evolution of the number of subscribers at the college, it was decided to join to this later the institute of the senior technicians into public works with a capacity of reception of 400 educational places and 250 beds.

In July, 1998, after the extension of the spectre of training domains and the reception of educational infrastructures such as the institute of metal industry and also the aquisition of new scientific equipments, a university centre was established instead of the ENS (TEACHER'S TRAINING COLLEGE) in application of the executive decree N 221/98 of 27/07/1998including four institutes : the institute of technology, Computing, biology and the exact sciences.

The university centre was set up as University of Jijel by the presidential decree N 03-258 of july 22nd, 2003, in the form of a public institution with administrative character endowed with a legal personality and with a financial autonomy, including four faculties : the faculty of science, the faculty of science of the engineer, the faculty of law and the faculty of science of management.

As a consequence and in accordance with the executive decree nN 09-92 of February 17th, 2009, modifying and completing the executive decree n 03-258 of July 22nd, 2003,the nuber and the vocation of the faculties making up the university of Jijel were modified as follows:

- The faculty of natural and life sciences

- The faculty of technology sciences

- The faculty of exact and informatics

- The faculty of law and political sciences

- The faculty of economics, businees and magement sciences

- The faculty oh literature and languages

- The faculty of human  and social sciences

Currently, the university of Jijel is distributed on two sit

- University campus of Jijel:

The university capus of Jijel includes the domains of training concerning: technological sciences, exact sciences and natural and life sciences, grouped within three faculties:

- The faculty of natural and life sciences

- The faculty of technology sciences

- The faculty of exact and informatics

These three faculties 7716 students enrolled in a graduation under the supervision of 390 permanent teachers and propose trainings in two systems: classical and LMD

The pole of Jijel groups in its new system of training LMD three levels:

License degree, Master degree and doctorate degree, and provides an important volume of training in the following domains:

- Technological sciences

- Natural and life sciences

- Earth and universe sciences

- Materials sciences

- Maths and computer sciences

8860 educational places are et the disposal of the students of the central pole of Jijel distributed essentially between 18 amphitheaters, 73 classrooms of educational T.D and 51 laboratories.

- University campus of Tassoust:

The university pole of tassoust groups four faculties namely:

- The faculty economic sciences and management

- Letters and languages

- Human and social sciences

- Arabic language and literature

The theoreticla carrying capacity in educational places is increasing to 12842 places, distributed between 20 amphitheaters, 164 T.D classroom , 04 educational laboratorie, 05 computer classrooms.