Convention with SONATRACH:

Science and Engineering, Management and Management

until 2016

Implementation of research work of mutual interest in continuing training, graduated and post-graduate, by the University of Jijel for SONATRACH

- Collaboration with foreign partners on joint research.

- The development of exchanges of experience through bilateral meetings.

- Exchange of information and documentation.

Agreement with the EPST/CDER Solar Equipment Development Unit:

Solar energy, Photovoltaics, Photo-thermal

Until 2014

- The promotion of research and the development of university training.

- Organisation of educational visits within the UDES for students of the University of Jijel

- Participation of the UDES in the development of LMD training provision programmes.

- Exchange of information, and scientific equipment wherever possible.

- The provision of scientific equipment for the benefit of the University of Jijel.

- Exchange of information and documentation.

Agreement with the Ministry of Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises and Investment Promotion:

Exploitation of research and technology transfer

- Creation of a Technology and Innovation Support Centre at the University of Jijel

Agreement with the Sanitary Ceramic Company EL-MILIA

Material Science

Signed on 14/10/2014 For a period of five years

- Promote and develop scientific and technical exchange.

- The organization by the University of Jijel of training for the benefit of the staff of the company (PGS).

Agreement with the CRAAG


Signed on 29/10/2014 For a period of 05 years

- Definition of a framework for cooperation and exchange between CRAAG and the University of Jijel, Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences.

encourage the development of scientific and technical exchanges. In areas of common interest

Sponsorship Agreement with SONATRACH


Signed on 11/11/2014 active for the purposes of Renewable Scientific Event

- Sponsoring the scientific event: First field school on the MAGHREBIDES